Germany & France Plans for a Franco-German sixth-generation combat-aircraft are set to kick off in earnest at the Berlin Air Show later this month, officials told French media on the sidelines of a meeting of the two countries’ defense ministers in Paris on Thursday.

As envisioned, the planes, would take to the skies by 2040, replacing the fleets of Dassault Rafale, and Eurofighter-Typhoon-jets, in both air forces.

The goal at this point, she said, is to bring together activities on the political, and industrial level. Airbus, Dassault, Thales, MBDA, and Safran, are among the companies to be involved.

France also, has a future aircraft program, going with the United Kingdom. That program would continue in parallel, Parly said. Both programs, would be “extremely useful”, on the way to the “aviation of the future,” she said.